“Making a list, and checking it twice…”

No, I’m not talking about Santa Claus, though that fella is everywhere this season. In just a few short days (one week, to be precise), I’ll be leaving the “working world” and entering my own little domestic sphere. What I’ll be doing as a stay-at-home-mom is yet to be determined, but I’ve got lists and lists of things I’d like to accomplish.

Knit, teach Jonathan how to clap, sew, take the Wiggle swinging, run for the first time in way too long, create, learn how to make tortillas, keep my house oh-so-much cleaner, read good books, write novels in my journal, sell things on Etsy, learn common Chinese characters, memorize scripture, have long phone and face-t0-face conversations with wonderful women…and on, and on, and on.

I’m really good at dreaming up ways  to keep myself busy. They’re usually pretty good ways, but sometimes I lose sight of what’s realistic and what is plain old fantasy. My picture of a work-at-home-mom is colored by inexperience. January will probably prove to be a month of trial and error, high highs and low lows that will all provide incredible instruction for this new at-homer. I’ve been able to glean bits of wisdom from other moms about not expecting too much so that my heart isn’t broken when my expectations aren’t met.

Probably they’re right in warning me not to expect my home to always be clean and to have learned Chinese by June. The best advice I’ve been given is not to ignore those things listed above–they are good things–but to be focused on and driven by the things which are of prime importance.

Be devoted to the Word of God.

Love my husband.

Raise my son in the fear of the Lord.

If my heart is fixed on these things, then I will bring glory to God, honor to my husband and lovingkindness to my son. Is this not better than homemade tortillas and getting in shape?

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6 Responses to “Making a list, and checking it twice…”

  1. Rachel says:

    Oh Sarah. So good. I truly needed this reminder right this second. Trying to fix my heart on these things with you (except for the son part). 🙂

  2. kristen says:

    hey girl…let me know when you want to make tortillas. my “ai-yi” has a killer recipe. not hard to learn, maybe hard to master. (there’s a chinese word for you to learn too. two birds with one stone. heehee.) lots of love to you all from this side o’ the globe…

    • acloserpeek says:

      Thanks Kristen! I’m definitely up for learning the best tortilla making method out there, and I’ve heard that Chinese ladies have a way with dough :). Lots of new words to learn too…sigh.

  3. Terra Mynhier says:

    How is all of this going for you? I am the total opposite of what you described above as I stay at home. I am dreaming up ways to not be so busy 🙂 I’m sure that once we are a little more regimented and reliable in our schedule (the girls) that it will get easier and I can begin to focus on things other than eating, sleeping and diaper changes. I hope that it has been a good adjustment for you and that you are enjoying every minute! Love and miss you guys…and also love the new blog…

    • acloserpeek says:

      Hey TB. At home life has, as expected, brought some highs and lows so far. I’ve started on some of the things listed above, added new things to my list, removed some things entirely and only been moderately effective at accomplishing the important things. My first week home was great–I established a stellar routine, spent oodles of time in the Word, made Chris breakfast every day, etc, etc. Then we all got sick and I feel like my flawless transition was thrown out the window to be replaced with a scrambling sort of motion.

      You’ll get to a smooth spot with the girls and find that you do have time to do things like shower, read a book and spend time with friends…someday! As I type, J is down for his 1.5-2.5 hour afternoon nap. Thats about 2 hours of discretionary time for momma! Can’t wait until you get there SIL!

  4. jancy says:

    Sarah you are just precious and so very encouraging. Thank you for sharing.

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