Plans, plans

So I’ve never been much of a New Year’s resolutioner, but this year I’m shaking things up and making plans. Plans of course are just that–plans. Subject to change and always evolving, plans are nevertheless useful to help structure and organize the future, and can be such wonderful motivators.

Without plans I’m typically a lump, and as my family’s CHMO (Chief Home Management Officer), I need to not be lumpy. I’m going to treat my at-home job just as if it was a not-at-home job, only better. Since Chris is my CEO my motivation to do well is greater than at any other job, and since this at-home gig is my life, well, I’d like to not be bad at it.

So January will be a month of goal setting, dream dreaming and lots and lots of planning. I think some motivational speaker somewhere said that you’ll never achieve your dreams without setting achievable goals (or something like that), so I’m going to look at 2011 in segments, divide up the months and conquer my home management plans.

Isn’t that what people do at other jobs? Seek improvement through amazing planned growth? So here’s to planned improvement in the Peek home…and not just on the home itself.

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2 Responses to Plans, plans

  1. Becky P says:

    Yes, I too hope you won’t be bad at your life. You crack me up, SAHM. Here’s my motivational comment for you: shoot for the moon; even if you miss, you’ll hit the stars. Even though that’s not even astronomically correct, you get the idea. Happy goal setting, dreaming, and planning.

  2. Terra Mynhier says:

    Hope that January has been great for you!

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