Jonathan may be getting bigger, but he still sheds fat alligator tears when he gets hurt or can’t have his mommy. The little man took a tumble and fell flat on his face during our photo shoot with Margie, and she captured his sad, wet face for us.

As J has grown, he has become oh so much more independent. He’ll wander off while I’m working on something in the kitchen, making his way to his room and his toys, or to his bookshelf in the living room happily playing all by himself. Gaining mobility has been tantamount to gaining freedom in his book. But with his walking skills, Jonathan has also been able to chase after me or Daddy when we walk away and he’s not ready to say goodbye. And my-oh-my is he doing this right now!

Jonathan’s new skills have gained him independence to discover things all on his own, but his little heart is still needy for mama love and TLC. When he falls flat on his face, he doesn’t brush himself off and get up again all on his own, he needs me to squeeze him tight, whisper true words in his ear and to comfort him in his distress. His sweet, natural childish dependence on me and his padre have been teaching me what my attitude should be towards my Father.

My short, stubby little toddlers legs get me into more trouble than good, but I, like Jonathan, too often see them as a vehicle for freedom and independence instead of a reminder that without my Father’s love and guidance, I would be flat on my face all the time. Jonathan still seems to instinctively understand his weakness and will cling to me when something goes awry in his little world. I need to remember this more often myself and to cling to Christ in my weakness, for then I am strong in him.

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