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Jonathan is a sweet, sweet baby. He’s always been pretty easy to care for and his temperament is generally happy. As he’s gotten older and gained the independence that mobility has granted him, he’s started to play by himself more and more. It’s really fun to peek around a corner into J’s room, finding him absorbed in shaking something that rattles, tasting some new toy to discover its innermost secrets, trying to stack all of the rings in the right order on a post or snuggling with one of his favorite animals. Sometimes Wiggle will just wander about the house with a cup filled with things that make noise or with two applesauce jar lids, banging them together.

He’s finally figuring out that all of these things he plays with have purposes. His brush is for his hair, clothes are to put on (and you should see him try when he “helps” me fold laundry!), hats are for our heads, shoes for our feet, lids for their containers, etc. For the last several weeks, he’s been trying in his clumsy way to put the world the way it should be. Now if only I could teach him that toys go in their places…

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  1. Julie K says:

    So sweet! It’s always exciting seeing our babies grow up and learn new things everyday!

  2. Becky P says:

    I think it’s the monkey hat that makes him so smart. I’ve never thought to use my taste buds to discover the innermost secrets of anything.

  3. Jancy says:

    I just love that baby.

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