Happy Birthday Boys!

If this was last year, Chris and I would have just descended to the recovery room at the hospital, getting some much needed rest after our 24-hour journey to bring our little Wiggle into the world. Jonathan was sleeping happily after his fight to get out of the womb, and was almost 4 hours old.

So much has happened in the last year! Our lives have been wonderfully, blessedly changed by the addition of our little man into the Peek family. My heart has been knit to his in ways I didn’t know it could.  As marriage brought (is bringing) about incredible sanctification in my life, I can anticipate that as Jonathan continues to grow, he will himself be a wonderful sharpener of my faith in Christ and my daily reliance upon His grace. From the terrors of the first days home when every cough seemed to me the death rattle, every bout of spit-up an inordinate amount of vomit, a too-long nap SIDS, to the much more real dangers of hard tumbles, attempting to eat non-consumables, and learning how to climb over things but not get down safely, Jonathan’s life has brought much anxiety to my heart. And his life has also taught me that even with the best laid plans and the most extreme caution, the Lord is truly the one who will guard and protect my son, or call him home at his good and perfect will. As a mother, my trust must be not in my ability to parent well or keep my son from harm (though I am certainly called to do those things!), but in my heavenly Father who has determined just what Jonathan’s life will be in his perfect planning.

As Jonathan enters his second year of life, we rejoice in the hope that he’ll soon get to romp around and create a bit more havoc with another such as himself. Micah Peek, soon to be brought into Kevin & Becky’s home (already in their hearts!), shares Jonathan’s birthday. Though none of us Peeks will witness Micah’s first steps or his hilarious first meals or even get to celebrate with him today, our love is with him and we are looking forward with eager anticipation to the day when we do get to experience life with him. Who could resist those sweet brown eyes?

Happy Birthday Micah & Jonathan!

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One Response to Happy Birthday Boys!

  1. Becky P says:

    Well, I can’t resist. That’s for sure! Thanks for loving on our boys, SIL. Can’t wait for the rockin’ 2nd birthday bash next year.

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