Has it been that long?

Oh my, how time does fly in the spring! Every spare moment in the Peek home has been devoted to preparing the garden, working on house projects, working on crafty projects and none of it has been given over to blogging. Sorry for the hiatus. I had vowed to myself that this new blog would never see the long stretches the blogspot guy did, but well, it did.

I would love to chronicle for you our life since J’s birthday, but it’s been too full of little and big nothings to make for an interesting read. So a summary will have to do. The house has undergone a major face lift in the kitchen (pics at the end), which though a wonderful project and well done, threw our lives out of whack for about 6 weeks. Really, can I ever say that there are remodeling woes? I don’t think anyone who’s about to get a new kitchen (or anything new and awesome), can really have “woes”. Yes, it’s not fun to have to eat out a lot while your counters are gone. Yes, abundant and pervading drywall dust stinks. Yes, smashing your life into less than half your normal space is a challenge. But c’mon, I got a new kitchen!

Our garden is currently submerged in the spring rains that have battered Louisville for the last few weeks, and we’re hoping that the marsh will eventually dry out and yield a harvest of various vegetables. During the early spring, we dug and dug and dug and tilled and weeded and laid brick paths and pounded in trellises and weeded some more. Now we have about 800 sq feet just waiting to get some veggies growing in them. This has been a big learning process for me as my vegetable growing experience has been extremely limited and mostly accidental. Perhaps we started too big (800 sq feet!), but if we’ve got the dirt, why not? So far, the Lord has caused peas, potatoes, lettuce and carrots to peek out of the earth and to grow steadily upward. Seedlings have been living in trays all over our house for weeks, and as soon as this rain breaks, we’ll transplant the rest and trust to God for vegetables.

Jonathan has been SO MUCH fun the last few months. He’s still only saying a few words, but has learned new sign language, is as happy as ever and has started to do some funny little things that make our stomachs hurt from laughing. One such thing is that he’s realized that certain faces draw guffaws from mommy and daddy. If he scrunches up his nose, squeezes his eyes shut and makes a goofy laugh, we’ll start rolling and he’ll keep going. It’s awesome. He’s also taken to hiding himself in the smallest places he can find, and then waiting for someone to find him. Once you do, he makes the biggest happy face you can imagine–wide, open mouthed smile, silly crinkly eyes and a great big laugh. He’s taken to pushing various wheeled vehicles about the house, always with the accompanying, “Brr..rrr” car sound. Once our kitchen was once again accessible to him, he started climbing into empty cabinets and closing the doors, only to open them again with that cheesy grin and an “I surprised you” face.

Even more fun than his goofiness is his charm. Jonathan will come up to me and take my hand, then lead me wherever it is I’m supposed to go. Maybe this will stop once he gets a bigger vocabulary, but it’s ridiculously sweet for as long as it lasts. He has also figured out how to walk up to us when we’re sitting on the floor, turn around, and plant his little duff in our laps. Usually he’s got a book for us to read, or is ready for a snuggle. It’s DARLING.

Time for pictures, this post is getting dangerously close to my self-established too-long-Clanky limit.

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