Our new friend R.S.

Summertime is supposed to be chill, spent relaxing at the beach or pool, reading good books and hanging out with friends, right? Okay, maybe not for most grown-ups, but in an imaginary dream land, I guess that’s what I’ve always pictured summer to look like. We certainly have our fair share of fun during the summer and other times, but we’re not just happy-go-lucky-read-books-all-day folk either.

So what does a teacher do all day during summer break? Well, if he’s my husband, he’s working on house projects, keeping Jonathan from waking mommy up during her afternoon nap, changing diapers, watching lectures for a summer seminary and lately, spending a lot of time with R.S.. We purchased Rosetta Stone early this year so that we can start learning Mandarin before Chris looks for a job and we move overseas. So on various days and at all hours, you might walk through our house to hear a gringo saying things like, “nee how” and, “jeh shur shen ma?”

This is just one small way that we’re trying to prepare ourselves for living overseas in an non-English speaking setting. Our goal is to get through level one of the Rosetta Stone course and then to reevaluate. Will we then seek tutoring? Get another level of Rosetta? We’ll see how we feel then, and how our Mandarin speaking friends judge as well. Regardless of what we do next, we’re so blessed to be able to use such a rad program to prepare for overseas life in such a practical way.

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