…and counting

If you haven’t heard the news, we’re expecting our second little one sometime around Christmas. Google tells me that Baby B is about the size of an apple today, can sense light, and is developing taste buds. How has this changed our day-to-day life? Well, gosh I’m tired all the time, so naps are a necessity. And to Christopher’s delight, meat has sounded oh-s0-good to me lately, so we’ve started a weekly ritual of grilling burgers and other meaty delights.

It’s amazing how differently I feel about this pregnancy than I did with Jonathan’s. Yes, it’s still a miraculous wonder that there is a tiny life growing inside my tummy. Yes, I can’t wait to meet Baby B in a few more months. But no, I don’t lay around hand on stomach waiting for the first few flutters of baby movement the way I did with Jonathan. And no, I haven’t been day dreaming of the first few moments of holding Baby B. I expect that some of the excitement of this pregnancy will wait until I’m getting kicked in the ribs and really feeling pregnant. Right now there’s just so Β much to do keeping up with my toddler that Baby B’s just not top of mind.

Some have asked us, “What does Jonathan think about being a big brother?” Well, really, he has no idea that he is one. I don’t think he’ll really get it until a squirmy little bundle comes home from the hospital with mommy and doesn’t go away again. The good news is that even with other people’s wee babies, J is gentle and curious. We hope and pray that this will last until Baby B is big enough to fend for him or herself, but also know that little siblings are tougher because they’ve got such caring older siblings looking out for them. The challenge with J right now is just keeping up with him and all his energy despite nausea and fatigue. I’m so grateful that Chris is a teacher and is home for the summer.

We’ll be finding out if Baby B is a little chap or lady in a few weeks, guesses are welcome!

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3 Responses to …and counting

  1. Terra says:

    I am so happy for you! Are you positive that there is only “Baby B” and there isn’t a “Baby A or C” hiding in there somewhere? πŸ™‚ I can imagine how difficult it must be keeping up with J while cooking up B. I hope that this will be an easy pregnancy for you that is complication free and that you’ll be free of the nausea soon. And…I think it’s a girl. We need another on our team to even back out again πŸ™‚

  2. acloserpeek says:

    Hah, pretty sure there aren’t any other letters of the alphabet in my tummy. At least, that’s what the midwife said at the first appointment…

  3. Terra says:

    Lol…that’s just always my first question these days πŸ™‚

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