So, are you still going overseas?

Aside from being asked how we’re doing, this is one of the top questions Chris & I get these days. The short answer is most resoundingly, “Yes.”

When Chris and I moved to Louisville, indeed, when we got married, our desire and longing was to someday (soonish) move overseas to share our faith with those who have no other way of hearing about Christ. Our plans have changed several times and our vision for life overseas looks different today than it did even a year ago. But our core desire is the same.

With Chris’ graduation from his MAT in December of 2010 and his anticipated completion of the Kentucky Teacher Internship Program (KTIP) this December, his teacher training and certification will be complete. This gives him the freedom to pursue teaching positions anywhere, including overseas. So that’s what we’ll be doing–pursuing a teaching position in Asia, hopefully for next fall.

“Wow,” lots of folks have said, “that’s soon.” Yes, from today, our hope is to be establishing our life overseas in a little over a year. That’s soon. But for a couple who will have been married five years this December and who have desired to be overseas the whole time, next fall can’t get here soon enough. That doesn’t mean we don’t love life in the States and wish we could take all of you with us, but it does mean that the Lord has placed a desire in our hearts that is still longing for fulfillment.

So as we jump some practical hurdles in the next months, we’ll keep you posted. But in the meantime, please be praying for us in the following ways:

  • Trust in Father’s sovereign timing and provision for getting us overseas
  • Contentment in our current season of life as we juggle living in the here and now and take practical steps towards the future
  • Growth spiritually and in general maturity so that we can be prepared for the challenges of moving overseas
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