Can you tell how we spend our time?

Not all, but much of our time lately has been spent on house projects, as maybe you’ve figured out by now. The “big one” for the summer has been finishing our basement so it can be used more frequently and more comfortably for friends and strangers. The task sounds big, but a previous owner had already nearly finished two bedrooms and all we’re doing from scratch is a bonus room and our stairwell.

Chris has been a trooper, working really hard on making swift progress on the transformation of our basement. We’ve also been truly blessed by friends who have thrown in their skills and labor to help us with our project. Here are a few pictures of the work in progress. I honestly can’t wait to see for myself what it will all look like when it’s said and done.

Creepy stairwell before we started the work. Isn’t the mold nice?Cwweepy stairwell

She ain’t there yet, but this is our “stucco” look over the block wall. Adds waterproofing and gets rid of the icky block bit. Hopefully with some paint the walls will look okay. 

Before. You can see where we got the occasional bit of seepage and the lovely discoloration of the walls. Yuck.

Waterproofing sealer on the walls, cracks filled and framing up. We’re going to black out the ceiling and are doing can lights instead of the standalone bulb in the center of the room.

After a day’s hard work, most of the drywall is up! Now comes the dreaded mudding and taping. Blech.

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One Response to Can you tell how we spend our time?

  1. Sister Stephanie says:

    Looks like the crud we gotta head into doing in the next few months. We however have to start from scratch except the insulation, the previous owners insulated the whole basement. Now we just have to water proof the rest of it and get up the wall frames and what not. Will be awsome when its done.

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