Maternity Re-Fashion

So I’ve been inspired by crafty ladies making much out of little for maternity wear. I found a maternity sewing tutorial roundup here and thought I could probably find time to put some of the ideas to good use. I mean, some of the ideas would definitely take more time and moolah, but some, like the one I tried today, are cheap, cheap, cheap, and don’t take too long.

In the effort to save cash and expand my non-professional maternity wardrobe from about 5 items to something a little more doable for a s.a.h.m., I chose the best option available: Craigslist. We Peeks LOVE craigslist. Seriously, besides the few things we’ve picked up at Ikea or a garage sale, our home has been furnished by sweet deals we’ve gotten via cl. So I thought, well hey, we buy everything else from Craig, why not some maternity clothes?

I scored big, swooping up a huge tote full of (mostly) cute maternity things for around $60. Jeans, comfy pants, lots and lots of tops (what I needed) and a few fun extra things I didn’t even know I needed. The catch? Well, the lady I purchased these great clothes from wore mostly mediums and larges during her pregnancy. Last time, I rocked out the smalls and extra-smalls. Being that only oh, four or five things actually fit me in the last trimester, I realized in hindsight that mediums might not be a bad thing. Larges, however, would probably look ridiculous on my 5’2″ frame no matter how big my tummy gets. I mean, my shoulders weren’t increasing in size from what I recall.

So in comes the creative bug. From this stash-o-maternity clothes I got one XL long-sleeve black t-shirt. Yeah, never going to need that guy. So out came the scissors and elastic to make a much smaller, (hopefully) cuter shirt that can be worn in the blazing heat of August in Louisville. Here is my crummy after picture. For some reason my before isn’t working out. But I’m sure you can imagine a very large, very boring long-sleeve tee? If anyone has time and know-how, you can come and teach me how to use my camera. 🙂


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