Back to life, back to reality

In the Peek home, fall officially starts when the school year begins. For Chris, it started Wednesday last week and for all of the students in the city, it begins tomorrow. Even though our summer has been very full and we’ve been busy, busy, busy, it’s felt a little bit like vacation. I mean, how often during the school year can we roll out of bed together at oh, 8am and decide to head to the park after breakfast? Or, my one of my favorite things about summer, how often will I be able to run errands all by myself during J’s naptime because Chris is home? Summertime brought its challenges, but the first few weeks of fall will be a bit like a trial by fire for this little family.

Fall Challenges

Get up by 5:45–We’ve been steadily pushing our alarm back over the last few weeks from no alarm at all to help get to 5:45 without going cold turkey. Man, even getting up at 7am was tough the first few days. We were so spoiled!!!

(re)Establish a morning routine–Last spring I felt like I had my mornings down pretty well: Eat, read the Word & pray, workout (occasionally), shower, etc. Then we got pregnant and Chris finished the school year and sleep overtook everything else. So getting back into a useful way to spend the 2ish hours before J gets up will be key to making my fall productive and beneficial.

Watch Jonathan all day, all by myself–The flip-side of this is of course that Chris will have to work all day away from home. So I’ll be getting back into the groove of rockin’ it out with J from 8-5 and Chris will have to get used to disobedient 6th graders and being on his feet all day.

Be a blessing to my hardworking husband–Chris worked Wed-Fri this week and so I had J all day. Let me tell you, my inclination when Chris (finally) gets home is not to give him a few minutes to rest and reset. Oh no, as soon as Daddy walks through the door, I want a few minutes to rest and reset. Wait, wait, who’s the helpmeet here? I need to make sure that my heart is ready and delighted to serve my husband from the moment he arrives, even if it means spending 15 extra minutes one-on-one with Jonathan so Chris can have a breather.

Get some structure for our days and weeks ahead–Heretofore I’ve pretty much let Jonathan just play all day with little established routine aside from mealtime. Well, that’s making for a cranky and needy toddler who needs a bit more stimulation and structure, which makes for a cranky mommy who just wants the toddler to play contentedly by himself for more than 2 minutes. So per the wise advice of seasoned moms, we’re starting to introduce a little structure into our days. At this point, that hasn’t taken much shape, but now that Chris has a regular schedule again, I’ll be spending some time laying out what a typical week might look like for J and me. Hopefully this will help all of us transition to life with two babies later this winter.

So if you’re in the habit of praying for us Peeks, keep these things top of mind as we jump into fall on Monday. Hopefully I’ll be able to post something encouraging about progress we’ve made on these challenges in the next few weeks.

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3 Responses to Back to life, back to reality

  1. Jamie says:

    Hiya Sarah! Miss you, girl! I miss thinking through this stage of life together whenever our paths crossed. Thanks for this post. I especially liked the part about not expecting Chris to come home and wait on you! Good perspective. Love you!!

  2. Becky P says:

    With Kevin working at home most of the time, my temptation is to immediately ask for his help when things get hairy with the kids. I know he’d be more than willing but I want for him to have the freedom to do what he needs to do. Hoping that your fall routine gets set quickly!

  3. Terra Mynhier says:

    Let me know how it goes and also feel free to pass along your ideas for ways to spend your days because we will be in stage soon enough. I hope the first week goes smoothly for you. Love and miss you guys!

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