Family Time

This summer we got into the wonderful habit of spending a few hours each week in designated “family time.” We could go to the zoo, play with playdough, take a walk, buy daddy some new shoes and go for ice cream or any other lighthearted activity that involved all three of us having a good time. Since family time this summer was on Friday mornings, we had to make some adjustments for the school year.

So Chris has set aside his Thursday afternoons as a no-school-work-leave-as-soon-as-the-bell-rings-day and usually is able to get home before J even wakes up from his afternoon nap. As soon as we’re all ready for adventure, we’re out the door to enjoy a couple of hours of togetherness.

I highly recommend this! For families who do this without planning, I applaud you, but for us Peekses, fun must sometimes be scheduled in or it is in danger of being entirely forgotten in the press of daily life. Here are some pictures of various family day activities this year.

At the zoo on free carousel day.

Enjoying some homemade playdough on a hot, hot, hot day when none of us wanted to go outside.

Art Sparks at a local art museum.

Jonathan telling us again, “Apple!”

Getting so big! Whenever he sees playground equipment, he shouts, “Whee!”

Isn’t he sweet?

All that apple-picking is hard work. Time for a rest.

We recently discovered a park that is close to home and seemingly always deserted. New. Favorite.Can you tell who’s typically behind the camera? I need to get more photos with my lil’ man before he grows up!

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