Christmas at Home

With the upcoming (any day, right?) arrival of little Nora, we will not be traveling to see family this Christmas, but spending our holiday right here at home. Two years ago, when J was but two months from making his debut, we did the same. Because Chris is a teacher, we’ll all be spending the next two weeks soaking up family time and preparing for the expansion of our family.

But without the big family celebration of Christmas all together, we’re not sure what our first “family Christmas” will look like. When I was growing up, Christmas Eve was always spent with 25+ family members and Christmas day with a smaller, but still sizable gathering. When we go to Texas or Washington for the holiday now, we get to spend time with similar amounts of folks. So for us three point five Peeks in Kentucky, this year may be eerily quiet.

It could be really fun to establish some traditions–like opening and reading J’s new Christmas book or spending time praying for our far-flung families–but we haven’t sketched any plans out yet.

What does your fam do to celebrate the birth of our Lord?

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4 Responses to Christmas at Home

  1. Laura says:

    We take it slow. The first two years we did the whirlwind tour of the country, traveling by plane midday to be with both families on Christmas day. Then we had Hannah, and she had been so sick at birth we didn’t want to risk anything by traveling. So we started the relaxed Christmas. We start with a Christmas catechism Forest wrote to help us remember why we give gifts, why we wrap them, etc. Then our kids open their “stockings with a purpose” where we
    have a special theme for their stockings to teach them a spiritual truth or Bible story. We usually include a book and some toys to match the book. So we take time to read the book and explain the stocking’s theme. Then we eat breakfast, and the rest of the day is spent opening gifts and taking time to enjoy them before moving to unwrapping the next one. It takes all day, but we love the unhurried feeling of it. This year we’ll be going to church too, so we may get to do stockings first, maybe not, it depends on how early we all get up.

  2. Jamie Butts says:

    Miss you, Sarah!! I read your post this morning, and my thoughts went back to it a few times today. I always love your intentionality, and it made me want to think through it myself. We’ll be with family in TX, but we can celebrate before the actual day! I think one thing is to be creative and not feel like you only have to do a Jesse Tree and Advent Calendar to be purposeful. Those are great, but our kids are tiny, and well, I just haven’t gotten on top of it yet to do those kinds of things. (Will you remind me in September next year?) Think small and fun. The other day I had a cd of Christmas music on and we made Marshmallow Snowmen (large snowmen with random sprinkles). I loved your Christmas book idea! Maybe go to the library (before Christmas) and get some good Christmas books, if there are any. Maybe teach him a few simple songs or even phrases. Even if he’s not repeating them at all or fully, he’s listening! “O Come, Let Us Adore Him!” Also, if you have a nativity, even a breakable one (or print a coloring page of one) talk it up. I let Nate touch ours with gentle touches, he feels very important, and we talk about it a lot. “Who is that? Who is that? Baby Jesus is God! We love Jesus! Thank you, Jesus! Thank you God for sending Baby Jesus!” I thought about making construction paper bookmarks with verses that Nate could add his scribbles on and give to neighbors. Talk about gifts and how Jesus is the greatest gift. You might even take him to go visit a nursing home. I guess they’re still open on Christmas Day! I miss you. Thanks for fuel for thought today. Oh, and you should make your fantabulous Breakfast Casserole. =)

  3. Jamie Butts says:

    P.S. I forgot – the only other one we’ve done is DECORATING SUGAR COOKIES! We did this last year, but mainly Nate just watched and ate a few little ones. This year he was really excited to watch us and help a bit. You could even give those away with the bookmarks. I think we’ll make this a tradition and I like the idea of “make them for Daddy” and having them waiting for him on his last day of work before the break. Or leaving them to ice that night. And, oh wow, I can’t wait for Norah to get here!

  4. youngrn says:

    It will be just us and the girls this year since the parents will be in Houston and the boys wont be here until the 28th. This happens every other year, so we’ve got used to it. It is however very quiet. We always read the night before Christmas to Landry before bed. Then Christmas morning of course there is Santa. After that we read the Christmas Story and then make Jesus a birthday cake. Later in the day we have a party and sing Happy Birthday to Jesus and eat cake!

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