39 Weeks, Take Two

How many women are lucky enough to experience week 39 of pregnancy not once, but twice? Not sure, but I do know that I now belong to that throng of special gals. From the beginning of this pregnancy I knew that the due date the OB gave me (12/25) seemed a little early. This was confirmed by ultrasounds and regular tummy measurements, but the date was never changed…until last week.

So after I hit “40” weeks, still measured small and had no signs of going into labor, the midwife I see decided to go ahead and change lil’ Nora’s due date to 1/6.

Not unexpected. Not shocking. Not upsetting.

Despite the fact that I  knew my Christmas due date was off, I had been counting down on my calendar and up in my weeks half-expecting my baby girl to put in an appearance sooner rather than later. Now that the New Year is only hours away and Nora is still comfortably ensconced in my womb I’m a little sad. I had hoped to be snuggling with my newborn through an exhaustion induced fog of joy and delight. Instead, I’ll be sipping my non-alcoholic bubbly to ring in the New Year and lamenting my “lost” tax break.

A few weeks ago some gals from Clifton hosted a shower for me. They asked what they could be praying for and I said, “Fear over labor and delivery.” Today, my prayer request is for patience in the perfect timing of the sovereign God who determined Nora’s birthday before she was conceived. My answer to when she should be born is an emphatic, “Now!” Obviously, Father has different plans and I need to trust that they are much better than mine.

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One Response to 39 Weeks, Take Two

  1. Leanne says:

    Can’t wait to hear about Nora’s arrival! I’m thinking of and praying for you and your sweet little family!

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