Cuz Time

When the Asia Peeks told us they were coming back to the States we busted out our tools and fixed up a sweet(ish) pad in the basement for them to crash. We wanted as much Peek time as we could nab while they were within reaching distance and were blessed to spend the greater part of March with Kevin, Becky, Micah, Sami and Hudson. Huddy’s still waiting to make his debut, but he sure made an impact on his mommy.

What did Jonathan make of M & S? Well, let’s just say there were a lot of smiles, a lot of messes, a lot of tears, a lot of messes, a lot of fun, a lot of messes…well, you get the idea. Three little dudes 2 and under make for a lot of good times (Beck & I just let them entertain each other a lot) and a lot of discipline (J & M had to learn how to share with someone their own size!).

Us old folks had a blast too. We were blessed with several free nights of babysitting for double-date action, stayed up pretty much every night having good conversation or playing games, learned what it was like to know each other as parents and did a million other little things that helped to cement our relationships as best friends.

Things I learned while the Peeks were here:

Kevin is funny. I forgot how funny that guy is!

B is so intentional in her mothering and reminded me (through her actions) that exhaustion is no excuse to excuse sin in our children.

Micah loves to make noise and is so quick to learn things. Seriously, he can watch someone do something once and then mimic it.

Sami is so sweet and happy. He’s going to be a football player someday, but the necessary man-anger for that role hasn’t appeared yet, and I love it.

We’re better when we’re around the Peeks. They encourage, challenge and fulfill our lives in ways that many folks can’t. Why? Because they love Jesus and so do we. Because for better or worse they’re stuck with us until heaven. Because they take that for the better. Because they love us enough to push us, hang with us, be themselves with us. We can’t wait to be their neighbors.

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