Quick Fix

Our living room is by no means off limits to J and his toys. We have a playroom, but it’s in the basement, and not always accessible to our little dude. So toys there are aplenty in our living space.

But let’s face it, toys aren’t super attractive. Even when they’re put away in their places on our toy shelf, they’re an eyesore. 

I could have invested in something a little better at hiding toys, but let’s face it, I’m cheap! Especially since we’re hoping to offload most of our worldly belongings next year, I’m just not a fan of collecting more stuff.

So I decided to do something about those ugly toys. Insert liquid fortitude.

The green lady wasn’t actually a beverage from the ‘bucks, but I keep my water cups when I get a cuppa and then use them to make my plain old iced coffee feel a little more special.

Fully fortified, I transformed an old pillowcase into a curtain to cover the bottom half of the shelf. Thanks IKEA for a pretty print! This old guy had been on my bed in college and was a lonely single, so didn’t get any use as a linen anymore. I just cut off the sides, made the ties into tabs and hemmed the bottom. Insert a tension rod and voila, the toys are hidden.

Certainly not perfect and not what I would want as a long-term solution to toys in my living space, but it does the job.

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