Wow, I stink at blogging. Maybe my Yellow Plan should have included blogging time? Lots of excuses come to mind, but my favorite is supplied by my SIL, Becky–I don’t take enough pictures. Pictures really can drive my desire to blog. So, here’s a silly picture:


Yes, these are J’s underoos. What does their presence on my line mean? You guessed it–J’s out of diapers! This week we jump-started potty training with two days of J’s bare bum around our house. A little creepy, but for a kid who has no idea when he’s going potty, this was helpful. The first day there were a LOT of puddles around our house. I am so grateful we have hardwood! J didn’t seem to realize he was even going potty until he was mostly done. Day two was so much better. He figured things out and only made a few mistakes.

We’re 6 days in and lots of underoos have been worn and washed already. All that laundry’s been worth it to see my baby make this huge transition to becoming a little boy. I can’t say that nostalgia has made me sad to see the diapers go. I mean, when you cloth diaper and have a son with J’s digestive system, believe me, you’re not sad to stop changing those! But his growing sense of independence and his ever lengthening frame remind me that I only have a few precious years with him before he’s too big for snuggles and silly games with mommy.

So I’m one happy lady to be hanging big boy underwear on my line, but a wee bit glum to have such a big boy in my home.

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