Mama Tip #1

Feeding babies solid food can be an, um, interesting endeavor. Those first few “meals” are sweet and fun, but after that, it turns into work preparing, serving and cleaning up food for baby.

We have held off until both kids were 6 months old to start solids. Why make a mess if you don’t have to? Once we start with solids, we like to kick it into high gear. We used purees with J for a few months, but have skipped them entirely with N and just give her soft food pieces.

So here’s the tip: When giving infants soft, slippery food chunks (avocados, bananas, soft-cooked fruits and veggies), first coat the food in a ground grain. This makes the food a bit grippier (made up word? not sure) and more likely to end up in the mouth.

I’ve used ground oatmeal (baby food style or just home-ground grains), ground rice, ground barley and wheat germ. I particularly like the wheat germ once baby is old enough because the germ doesn’t turn into a sticky goo the way other grains can when they start to get a little too friendly with the fruits and veggies. Enjoy!


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3 Responses to Mama Tip #1

  1. Julie k says:

    Great idea! Did Nora take to soft foods immediately? Heidi gagged even on baby food at 6 months, so we ended up not feeding her solids until around 9 months or so, but I was still going to try at 6 months with Natalie. It would be nice to give her these foods, but I am not sure if she will take to them?

    • acloserpeek says:

      Great question, Julie! Nora didn’t like solids at first. The first week or two she did what Heidi did–gagged on everything. J didn’t have this issue so I was kind of at a loss. She really wanted to eat food and was waking up a lot at night to eat, so I was pretty sure she was ready.

      So we switched from real solid food to plain yogurt for a few days. She did much better with that texture and then did great when we reintroduced the solids again. We also used a mesh feeder and gave her things like apple slices which she obviously couldn’t eat but could chew on for flavor and texture exposure.

      Good luck! Feeding babies is not one of my favorite pastimes, but skipping purées (while messy) is more fun.

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