Breakfast Sandwiches

When Chris and I were dating we discovered a mutual love for breakfast for dinner. BFD (get your minds cleaned up!) is on our menu at least once a week regularly, and eggs are all over the place this no-spend month. Tonight we’re dining on a classic–breakfast sandwiches. Move over Panera!

Okay, so Panera bagels will actually be consumed tonight. I was tipped off that big, wonderful bakeries like Panera donate their day old goods to all kinds of places, and there just happens to be a bread line of sorts in my neck of the woods. So once a week I get to pick up bags full of free Panera bread. Last night we ate a baguette with our pasta, we’re eating whole grain loaf pb&j and lots of yummy bagels.

The Breakfast Sandwich at the Peek house usually involves a fried egg (in our handy-dandy egg rings), a thick slice of ham heated on the skillet and some apple butter or jam smeared on a bagel, bread, muffin or biscuit. If you haven’t tried the combination of sweet jam and savory egg, you should!

Other egg sammich meals have included Swiss and avocado (sans jam), cooked crumbled sausage tossed in with the egg, bacon instead of ham, turkey lunch meat, peppers, tomatoes, the sky’s the limit! We usually eat some fresh fruit with this meal and don’t think twice about brewing a second pot of coffee for the day to accompany our BFD.

If you’re not a bread person, rock out some baked eggs. I eat these all the time, especially in the cool months. One other excellent thing about this meal is how quickly it comes together. It’s not fancy, but it’s filling and yummy!

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