Out of here!

This last weekend our church had a ladies’ retreat. It. Was. Awesome. And so very needed. Nora is super cute and really fun, except when she isn’t. I needed a break and Chris was super gracious to take the kids for 24 hours so I could join the other women of Clifton for a really really good refreshing time.

Before I dashed off on Friday night, we dug into these oven-braised lentils. We ditched the sausage because we didn’t have any, but they were still really yummy. Because I wanted Chris to have a no-brainer dinner, I chopped up everything he needed for this crock pot chili. I really liked it when I had some leftovers today, but Chris said it wasn’t his favorite. He didn’t mind it or anything, but said it didn’t do anything for him.

Tonight we had some yummy french toast made from leftover Panera bread and omelets filled with whatever we had in the fridge.

This is our last week of No Spend month. I have to admit, it’s gotten harder as the month has gone on. There was a really good sale on Crocs last week and well, we really need some shoes, so I spent way, way more than was wise of our remaining budget. We might just be eating the eggs in our fridge, the rice in our pantry and very little else this week!

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