Getting to the end

Because I’ve blown it a couple of times this month, we really reigned in at the grocery story, spending a whopping $12.67 at the grocery store on Monday. I was able to snag some more Panera bread after we got our groceries, so that will help us stretch our dollar this week.

Last night we had Pasta a la Pantry…i.e. we use two half-packages of different kinds of pasta, a can of diced tomatoes, basil from the garden, some frozen sausage (grateful for that!) and some cheese leftover from a previous week. I wouldn’t call it a recipe, but it filled us up!

Tonight we had vegetarian fried rice. My pantry is still nicely stocked with Costco sized bags of grains, so I cooked a huge pot of brown rice today. Add some eggs, carrots, celery, onion and frozen peas and soy sauce bummed off your friend and you’ve got dinner.

I went for a run tonight with friends and caught a whiff of grilling burgers…man, I am ready to get to the end of this month so we can stretch our grocery legs a bit!

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3 Responses to Getting to the end

  1. Julie K says:

    How do you get free Panera bread? I have heard of gleaners groups getting it for free, but do they give it also to individuals?

    • acloserpeek says:

      I honestly found out about it from friends. Panera, Starbucks and others give to local charities usually, so you might have to ask at a local store to find out where they donate. The place we go to also has a food pantry for needy families, but there’s no need required for the bread. Sorry my answer couldn’t be more helpful!

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