Getting Biggie

Two months old

She sure doesn’t look like this anymore! Nora, though not increasing in weight, is certainly getting bigger. I thought that she would be slower to move than J was, being as he was both crawling and walking early. Nora has proven herself up to the challenge however and is well on her way to walking by 10 months like big brother.

Not only is our Little Bean moving and grooving, she’s getting more opinionated and plain old fun. She still doesn’t compare to J when it comes to sleep, but her sweet disposition when she’s not in bed is just like our little dude when he was small. We are so blessed that Father has given us such a dear girl!

Seven months and loving her play house

Helping mommy cook!

Wearing big brother’s shirt

Someone LOVES going outside

Enjoying what’s good for her


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3 Responses to Getting Biggie

  1. Nicki says:

    Holy cuteness! I just want to kiss her pretty little face!

  2. Becky P says:

    Is that the Starbucks cup I bought you? Glad to see it’s being enjoyed by all family members. And I will be very Chinese and let you know that your child needs to be wearing socks.

    • acloserpeek says:

      Socks, she don’t need no stinkin’ socks. 🙂 Have you ever put socks on a baby just getting their sea legs on hardwood? Lots more bonked noggins that way. She’ll have to suffer chilly toes a while longer until she fits into some of her shoes. If we could just get her to grow…

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