Just a Few Miles

This is me running a race. If you know me well, you’ll know that running has never been my favorite pastime. This is still true, but now I don’t hate it as much as I once did. Why? Because I found out you don’t have to run so hard that you can’t talk. Because I found out you can have great conversations with the sweet ladies you’re running with. Because once you train your body to run a few miles, adding a couple more isn’t murder, it’s a challenge.

So on November 3rd I did something I never thought I’d do (or even had on a bucket list): I ran a mini-marathon. That’s right folks, 13.1 stinkin’ miles. Okay, all of them didn’t stink, but the evident rain in the picture above coupled with the chill and the exhaustion made the last few pretty tough. God was so gracious to me and my friend Katie who is my amazing running companion. Because when we hit mile 9 and the cold rain hit us, those two highlighter-clad women (who thinking running a mini-marathon is a Sunday picnic) hopped in and finished the run with us.

We finished frozen and waterlogged, but well! I hit my goal time and even signed up for another crazy-long race in the spring. Hopefully April showers will stay away, or at least the temp will be a bit warmer.

Running has been good for my soul. My dear SIL has been a runner since I’ve known her. She also enjoys working out in a way that I never have. I’ve constantly been challenged and encouraged by her example, but never really took the running plunge until this spring. With her encouragement, support from Chris and a friend like Katie to run with, I really couldn’t say no. My inner being has benefited from the incredible conversations I’ve had on long runs and my self-discipline has certainly improved too!

So now I’m on to the next challenge. I’ll try to beat this mini time in the spring. I still don’t think of myself as a runner, because if I didn’t have someone to run with, let’s be honest, I’d be on the couch (or at the sewing machine). But while I’m here, a-running I will go.

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2 Responses to Just a Few Miles

  1. Amelie M. says:

    Don’t short yourself! That’s not a “mini-” marathon… we call those “half” marathons! As in, halfway to whole! 😉 Way to go!

  2. Becky P says:

    You make me smile, my dear. Whatever it’s worth, I think you’re a runner.

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