Jesse Tree Ornaments

I’ve been slowly but steadily working on the ornaments to decorate our Jesse Tree (starting Saturday!). As I said before, I’m making simple felt leaves and gluing/embroidering symbols for each story to the leaf. Still not sure if I’ll do Velcro, hook and eye, snaps or something else to attach these to the tree, but I’ve got until Saturday, right?

Day 1: Creation Genesis 1-2


Day 2: The Fall Genesis 3


Day 3: Noah Genesis 6-9


Jonathan is long used to reading the Big Picture Story Bible, so we’ll be sticking fairly close to the big points provided in that book this year. If you’re not familiar with it, you should be! It’s very simple, yet highlights the major themes of salvation history really well. We haven’t found a Jesse Tree devotional book that we really like, so we’ll probably mash up scripture, BPSB and our own commentary every evening. Maybe next year I’ll write something out…

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2 Responses to Jesse Tree Ornaments

  1. Jancy says:

    The ark looks awesome! As do they all. Love it Sarah! Going to be so fun to show them to J and let him hang them up every night : )

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