The Mighty Thor

Though Jonathan has never seen a superhero movie and has no idea what a superhero really is, it wasn’t hard to sell him on a superhero costume. He was invited to a themed birthday and of course needed to dress up. But, as I am who I am, I couldn’t just go out and buy a costume. No, no. Mama needed to make him one.


Not much of a super-anything buff myself, I put the boy before the hero. Jonathan loves hitting things. So who should he be but the Mighty Thor? I’ve seen the Avengers, I totally know who that guy is. He hits things!


So with an unused grey turtleneck, some shiny stuff and some thread, a set of Thor armor was born. I’m sure it’s not “authentic” or whatever, but J digs it. The cape is removable thanks to the wonder of hook-and-loop, so if he’s not feeling as Mighty or as super, he can tone his look down a bit.

Now for the Hammer. I knew that if I handed anything that resembled a weapon to my son, it would be used as such. I used some 4″ foam (that I had previously cut into cubes with the intention of covering with fabric or knitting and never got around to), and hot glued a 5/8″ dowel rod between two cubes.


I cut a piece of my shiny fabric to fit around each side except the bottom (three long sides plus two short sides, sort of like a big rectangle with the corners cut out), and then cut out two bottom pieces that measured 4″x8″. I sewed the big piece to fit over the hammer, attached the bottom pieces then cut a hole out for the dowel rod. I secured the bottom silver pieces with hot glue, hoping it wouldn’t fall apart.

Showing me his hammer and the one we made for the birthday boy.

To keep the dowel rod handle from being used as a torture device on any unsuspecting bad guys, I encased it in some foam tubing (like pipe wrap) and then hot-glued some quilted brown fabric on, folding the side seam and the bottom over so no raw edges were showing. To finish I wrapped some embroidery thread (I know, leather cording would have been soooo much cooler) around the handle and secured with hot glue.

Now J can destroy bad guys or fight daddy with abandon and no one gets hurt.

Even superheroes play with pipe cleaners.

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