Getting Our Work On!

Jonathan is in love with all things construction. Tools, vehicles, traffic cones, you name it, he loves it. I used to hate driving through construction zones, but now it’s fun thanks to my three year old. A typical car conversation might look like this:

“Hey J, there’s some construction up here.”

“Oh. Look, a cherry picker! What’re they doing, mom?”

Before I have time to answer, we’re driving by more equipment and dudes: “An excavator! What’s he digging up? Backhoe, backhoe, digging up the dirt, and putting it in the back of a dump truck!”

Yes, there are construction songs in my son’s bag of tricks. As you can imagine, construction is on our minds a lot with him around, so a party of the same theme seemed in order. Thank goodness for Pinterest or my list of ideas would have run pretty short. Let me say that having winter babies is going to forever yield birthday party challenges. I mean, some families get to plan on using their backyard or a park for their kids’ parties! Being as we live in Kentucky, we can at least plan on doing a few minutes of fun outside, but most of our shenanigans must be indoors.

Unfortunately for J, the night before his party, after we had worked and decorated and cooked and well, did everything you do for a party until way past my usual bedtime, the little man got a stomach bug. I had just laid my weary head down when from the other room I hear weeping. Poor J got it bad and his party for Saturday morning was post-poned until Sunday afternoon (no way we were canceling for real!)


GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA We had beautiful weather for our party. Maybe having it in the afternoon was a good idea after all.

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA Making “tool belt tortillas.” I had these super cute cookie cutters but really, do kids need more sugar? They got cake, ice cream, chocolate milk and Reese’s Pieces, so I think they weren’t hurting for cookies. Fresh tortilla chips though? They always rock.

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAI’ve never been all that good at making things pretty, so I worked really, really hard on this cake (part of the reason the party didn’t get pushed off any longer!). I got some great ideas online and lots of advice from cakey friends. It turned out yummy and I didn’t want to pull my hair out at the end!

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAWe filled cups with Daddy’s nails and used them to hold up our little pennants. If the party had happened on Saturday morning, Spare Tire Donuts would have been added to the goodies.


Note to self–kids love digging. We could have dumped a load of rocks on our porch and stopped there.  Instead, we buried wooden truck parts in the gravel, the kids “excavated” them and we put them together.


J repeatedly asked, “Can we sing happy birthday to Jonathan now?” so we did. He loved it and loved getting to eat his long awaited cake.

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAThis was my attempted caution tape interior of the cake…I think it would have worked a lot better on a round cake if I had stuck with that, but oh well! It was fun and worked okay. And it tasted awesome, so it doesn’t matter what it looked like, right?

Will we do another crazy party like this again soon? No. But will we continue to celebrate our sweet kids’ lives with fun shenanigans and big cakes, you betcha!

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One Response to Getting Our Work On!

  1. Jade says:

    Wow!! Looks like so much fun. Well done, mama!

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