Spring Photos

I love family photos. Generally, I’m not the biggest fan of the process–getting everyone in the “right” outfit, clean and out the door unscathed to a location where we expect everyone to behave for an hour while looking at a camera and being their cutest selves. I’m not paid to do this (I’m paying in fact, to do this) so I’m far from a pro and usually have at least on crazy wife/mom/woman moment when I think the world will fall apart if everyone doesn’t do what’s expected for our world-stopping family photos.

But then we get the pictures back and all of that hullabaloo is forgotten. I remember that it was fun to squeeze my kids and make them giggle for the waiting photographer. I realize that I don’t stop often enough to just be with my sweet family. And of course I see how amazingly darling my children are. Cases in point: lrp{PEEK}-146 lrp{PEEK}-157I love how a real photographer can capture these sweet faces soooo much better than I can with my little point-and-shoot.

As we get ready to leave one adopted city for another, we decided to take pictures in the “towny” part of our town. Why get some lovely but bland park when we can get an old iron bridge or funky downtown buildings, right? Lou, we’ll miss you. Here are a few favs.

lrp{PEEK}-033 lrp{PEEK}-014 lrp{PEEK}-057 lrp{PEEK}-072 lrp{PEEK}-066 lrp{PEEK}-076 lrp{PEEK}-111 lrp{PEEK}-138 lrp{PEEK}-172 lrp{PEEK}-184 lrp{PEEK}-219 lrp{PEEK}-226 lrp{PEEK}-222

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One Response to Spring Photos

  1. Sarah,

    I LOVE how these pictures turned out. They are so adorable! You have a beautiful family! You also inspired me to get our spring/summer/maternity family photos downtown!

    What excitement is ahead for your family!! I bet you are filled with a mix of emotions, but this is what you guys were working so hard for, right!?! Even though we don’t see each other anymore, I will definitely miss your presence in Louisville! I’m glad we’ll be able to stay in touch through Facebook! And your blog!

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