Ahhg, the paperwork!

It is a truth universally acknowledged…that moving overseas means lots of paperwork. Am I right or am I right?

We’re getting ready to leave Louisville this summer, so visas have to be processed, we’re renting (and refinancing) our house, making lots of last doctors’ visits and it seems like each step has required small mountains of documentation. I never realized how much went into moving overseas besides packing your bags!

To give you a visual, Chris took a picture of me in front of one such mountain…and then I took one of him mocking me. Yes, that’s how we roll. And that face of mine, it’s saying, “You’re really making me pose for this? No, really, why are you pretending to be a photographer? Can I be done?”


IMG_0822By God’s grace the paperwork stage of our life is nearly complete. Then we just get to finish getting our house ready and pack our stuff. And say goodbye…yeah, not ready for that.

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