Run baby, run!

Today I ran my second “mini” marathon. All of my friends and I agree that it’s just not mini. Half-marathon sounds better. As long as the word marathon gets to be in there, it helps to convey the length of the endeavor.

In November I ran my first mini. It was killer. And not killer in the good way. Today was easier on my body–there wasn’t icy rain, I’ve trained for over a year and the crowd was so much bigger and more fun. And I got to run most of it with sweet friends that I’ve clocked countless hours with training.

I’m going to miss these ladies when we move! I mean, who else can be ridiculous with me like this? Yes, I’m flexing those guns!GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA



I keep saying that I’ll probably never run a half-marathon again. I mean, who can I train with that’s as cool as these gals? And there’s no way I’d train for one by myself. Yuk.

Getting to participate in the Derby miniMarathon is a good way to close out this season in Louisville. Running through the Downs, hanging out for hours with some of my favorite people, these are things I can cherish forever.

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