Empty Nest

No, we’re not empty nesters, but our nest does feel empty these days. I’m pretty bad about spending time with real, live people instead of yarn, food, fabric and other things I find in my house. So in preparation for our move overseas this summer, I decided a while ago to clear out our earthly possessions in record time so that I could say our farewells to people with a little less on my shoulders.

Practically speaking, that means that with just under a month left in Louisville, we have very little furniture left in our rooms and bare bones supplies in almost every other way. The kids still have toys and craft supplies, but my yarn stash has disappeared, my kitchen gadgets are packed or gone (excepting the essentials of course) and our home is starting to feel, well, empty.


Walking through now empty spaces has brought back a lot of sweet memories–rocking my babies in a glider that’s now in another mother’s home, shared meals over a dining table that has moved on, sitting with my husband after the kids are in bed on a couch that has moved on to some newlyweds.

There certainly are things I’ll miss about my home. Like this view from our picture window. Not glamorous, but look at all that green! And the view comes in handy when I send our kids out into our huge backyard to play virtually unmonitored. I’ll miss that too.


I have to admit that I’ll miss my kitchen too. After this great big space it’ll be hard to love a tiny kitchen (that hasn’t been redone with love and sweat), but a teeny kitchen is in my future, so I’m praying for a heart of joy with whatever the Lord brings us!


But we didn’t buy our house for its offerings of creature comforts. I mean, there were like zero of those when we moved in. I’m cringing just remembering how gross this place was when we bought it. We bought this home so we could love people with it. Lots of folks have crashed in our basement, our dining room has hosted countless fellowship meals, the backyard has had visits from dozens of wee ones and we’ve loved all of it. My nostalgia over good conversations in this home will hopefully spur me on to love people in our new home overseas.

As we leave this home for a new one, we remember that ultimately we belong neither here nor there. We are looking forward to a city with foundations, prepared in heaven for us!

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