Week One: Check!

Have we really only been here one week? It’s amazing how much has happened since we boarded an airplane on Sunday, July 28 and set foot in our new town early early Tuesday, July 30. We’ve been very blessed with support from new friends, visited by family that we now share the continent with, made exciting discoveries in our new city and been incredibly busy so far.

IMG_0040When we, with our 500 lbs of belongings, two small children and sleep deprived bodies arrived in Shanghai after an uneventful 12.5 hour flight, I wondered, “Why are we here?” We were greeted by very helpful airport staff who pushed our mountains of belongings across the entire airport. We didn’t have any problems in customs. Or in baggage. And our kids were relatively happy. Even with all of this, I had my doubts about this venture we’ve embarked on. Why?

China, as you may have heard, is not America. The people here speak Chinese. I can’t even guess at what most of the signs mean since there often aren’t any romanized characters. I immediately felt lost and helpless. I wish that this had made me turn immediately to prayer and more dependence on the Father. Instead it made me want to get back on an airplane and head for some comfort and stability.

But this last week has reminded me why we’re here. We love the Father. And we feel that He has brought us here. Would I have hopped on a plane to Asia on my own? Probably not. Through the care of the community and the conversations we’ve had with family, I’ve been reminded of the love of the Son and the effectiveness of the Good News. As we take the time to learn about our new culture, gain language skills and do life in a different context, I hope we don’t lose sight of the Truth.


Some things we love about our new home:

  • It’s closer to the other Peeks!
  • We have a seaside view and a beach only moments away
  • The community in our city is large and welcoming
  • Our urban environment means we do lots of walking
  • Eggs & produce are cheap 🙂





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