Local Fun

Since we arrived here a few months ago, we’ve taken some time to explore local attractions. The kids have loved the local aquarium/zoo place called Polar Ocean World, an awesome new play place a half mile from our house and some local green spaces (and brown ones).


It’s really interesting living right on the ocean. We get refreshing or chilling sea breezes depending on the day, hear the surf beat against the rocks and we can even see huge sprays of water when the ocean gets tumultuous. I’ve heard the winters are really cold, but we’ll hang on to memories of summer when the freezing winds hit!


One thing we didn’t expect but have been delighted to find is that there are lots of other little kids in our neighborhood. J and N can play with other kids to their heart’s delight just about every day of the week. It’s been great living so near friends. We pick each other’s kids up from the bus, swap groceries and easily gather to pray. 

IMG_0322Finding amusement for the children isn’t quite as easy or cheap here as it was in the US, but we’re making do just fine :). 


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