Jesse Tree Ornaments pt 3

Okay folks, here are a bunch more leaves that I’ve completed. I’m taking a quick break from the leaves so that I can finish up Christmas presents in time to ship them off to family far away.

Day 7: Joseph’s Coat Genesis 37 & 45


Day 8: Moses and Burning Bush Genesis 2-3


Day 9: Passover Lamb Exodus 12

If you’re familiar with the Big Picture Story Bible, you’ll see where my inspiration came from for this one. 🙂

Day 10: The Giving of the Law Exodus 19 & 20

For a new embroiderer, making Hebrew characters is pretty tricky. A friend immediately recognized my attempt at Hebrew while Chris wondered why my numbers looked all funny.

Day 11: Entering the Promised Land (Rahab) Joshua 1:1-11, 2:1-15, 6:1-25


Day 12: Samuel 1 Samuel 3, 9:1-10:9


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4 Responses to Jesse Tree Ornaments pt 3

  1. Jamie Butts says:

    I’d seriously buy these from you if you made another set one day! 🙂 So wonderful! Man, I have talented friends!

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